Friday, November 11, 2011

Paper Pumkins

Sorry we have had a crazy week two birthdays in one week is crazy, every year but here is something we made today paper pumkins super fast super fun for the kids and easy. You can cut the strips for them or if tey are really good at it have them do it,


  1. Those pumpkins are so cute!!! What a great idea!

  2. OK, I just noticed that you are in Placerville! I love Placerville! And Camino/Apple Hill, of course! lol
    Do you ever go to the used book store on Main St. for Home Schooling books? I used to go there before I moved. They have some great stuff. There is also the home school book store a few doors down. (if they are still there)They have some neat things, too. :-)

    Also, check out here is my review, you may sitll be able to get a free 30 trial for more starfall-

    And has some really great print-outs. Here's my review-

    Just thought I'd share. :-)

  3. So cool thanks so much how awesome I live right here I sent you a email wow gonna check out the store tomorrow it's funny I always walk right past it lol thanks so much

  4. I didn't get your email... ???
    Did you check out the store?
    I's been over a year since I've been up there. I miss it!!! lol

  5. I loved the book store so great , I'm from southern california, didn't think I would like it here but I am totally in love with it now


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