Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our work sheets

Ok so I truly do Praise and
Thank the Lord for some of the Blogs Iv found just by searching the online all of my fall activities Iv been blessed with in these pictures are from 1+1+1=1 it is a truly amazing blog she is one awesome woman. So Iv been so excited to do these work sheets with my kids (more Tommy) but I decided to take my time and laminate each one of them that way we can use Dry earse markers on them and use them over and over and over since he is learning we totally need that :) lol . As for Izzy I just show her the picture pages and have her repeat what they are which is nice because it shows me what words she knows and what we have to work on :) Thanks For stopping by
Alot of cutting and laminating but totally worth it

Beautiful fall Leaves!

Today me and the kids went out side to play and collected leaves for tomorrows craft they had a blast as I reminded them That God made 4 Seasons each different but all full of different unique beauty that God created and this one is the Fall.
Tommy says:Yes I know, LOOK AT THIS MESS! theres leave and stuff every were  lol he is so funny, I said we are gonna pick up some beautiful leaves and sticks for tomorrow he says yes lets pick up this mess LOL.

building with popsicle sticks

Our Tuesday Craft was building a popsicicle house I love popsicle sticks you can use then for so many different things some of the ways Iv used them with my kids are:
Building houses
Making frames
Coloring them each a different color
then him telling me the name of each different color
book markers
and a pen stand 
But Tuesday Tommy built a house he said this is me and Izabelle's house ok mom:)
He loves his sister

Izzy helping kinda :)

she just loves to help make a mess

Picking up the mess


Friday, October 21, 2011

My little Police Officer!

Ok so Today Tommy has been learning about Police Officers it has been so fun and I have to say Thank You! to a wonderful woman Named Erica she is amazing! You can find her button on here (Confessions of a homeschooler)She has all of these wonderful activities for Preschoolers and up for free and also sales corriculum for great Prices! I am so blessed by her blog
STOP! and GO!

Learning how Police Officers keep us safe

All this just blessed his heart and mine :)

I put felt behind his badge so he wont tare it up

My little police man he is so cute

Mommys Organizer!
As for Izabelle~
She played with her Noahs Ark set! she is such a cutie as she puts each animal in the boat she says: Night, Night, Sleepy time! and I tell her what each animal over and over and over until shes ..........over it lol Amen and that doesnt really take long !

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